JJVL Resumes Partial Operations

JJVL’s gas processing facility in Hyderabad, Sindh, resumed partial operations on Dec. 30, 2012.

JJVL is currently utilizing a brand new, 130mmscfd-capacity cryogenic exchanger to achieve an average maximum processing capacity of 60 percent. Exterran, which operates and maintains the facility, shall deliver a 200mmscfd-capacity exchanger to the site in February allowing resumption of full operations. JJVL’s force majeure declaration will remain in effect until then.

During the unscheduled shutdown period, JJVL imported 3,837 tons of LPG last month. JJVL imports product on a regular basis to ensure the product’s availability and market stability.

Processing at JJVL had been suspended following the Nov. 26 event of force majeure. Owing to the efficient and as-intended utilization of the firefighting and emergency shutdown systems installed there, the event remained strictly localized to a section inside the facility. There were no fatalities or injuries, or any damage outside the facility.

JJVL was commissioned in March 2005. The force majeure event was the first of its kind encountered by JJVL. The detailed root-cause investigation into the event is being finalized. The JJVL facility has ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certifications, and is subject to regular, internationally-applicable safeguards. The facility is licensed by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority, and is located opposite Sui Southern Gas Company Limited’s liquid handling facility.

JJVL is grateful to Hyderabad’s firefighting service, the local community, Exterran, SSGC, and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources for their support in managing the event.