AG specializes in the energy sector. Its flagship company, Pakistan GasPort Consortium Limited, owns and operates the state-of-the-art 750mmscfd LNG import terminal at Port Qasim, Karachi. This landmark project was completed in November 2017 and commissioned the following month. From production and processing services to transportation to marketing and retail, AG has extensive supply chain expertise in liquefied petroleum gas, an environment-friendly multipurpose fuel. AG has been in the LPG sector since 1989 and is an industry pioneer and leader. Its LPG companies include Jamshoro Joint Venture Limited, Lub Gas, and Mehran LPG.

JJVL’s operational excellence has been consistently recognized by its international peers. The company has been a finalist every year since 2006 at the Platts Global Energy Awards. JJVL is a finalist in the Commodity Excellence and Industry Leadership categories for 2012. JJVL is the only LPG producer in Pakistan to use patented Ortloff technology for a guaranteed minimum 92 percent propane recovery rate. It is also the only producer which odorizes its product with mercaptan as a consumer safety measure. JJVL is ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.

Lub Gas and Mehran LPG together represent the country’s most extensive transportation and marketing infrastructure for clean, affordable LPG. Lub Gas operates the largest fleet of dedicated, purpose-built bowzers for the safe and efficient bulk transportation of the product.

Both companies provide product to their nationwide network of distributors from Kashmir to Karachi through their own filling plants and their network of partner plants. These plants operate under strict HSE and best practices guidelines, and personnel at these plants are professionally trained to handle LPG storage, bottling, and dispensing. Lub Gas and Mehran LPG are both ISO 9001 certified and provide affordable locally-produced and imported LPG to a host of consumers including industries and households.